The Adventure Begins

Adventurers! The Dread Lich Xykon is terrorizing the Northern Lands. He is destroying towns and lives while he collects his army in order to reap further destruction upon the innocent.

For many of you this is a personal quest, for rare is the family untouched by tragedy. Some seek justice, some seek vengeance and yet others seek him out solely due to his evil nature and their quest for what is good and right. Still others are drawn by their desire for glory, honor or that one million gold bounty.

Whatever your reason for hunting him, it has drawn you all together. Three years ago this troop was created with the joint goal of destroying the Dread Lich. And now, after several close calls, endless searching and more than your fair share of heartache and combat, you have found where Xykon resides. The troop comes now upon the dungeon you have worked so hard all these years to find.

It doesn't look like much on the surface, ruined towers and an overgrown stone floored open space that once would have been a grand hall. But somewhere here likes the object of your grand quest and the culmination of your desires and fears. And yet, many monsters still lie between…

The Nature of the Universe

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