The Nature of the Universe

Into the Depths

Day three of the party's travels.

Elarinya and I stood guard at the top of the ruins for two days to cover the party's tracks and ensure no foul creature was tracking us.  I had made sure I had my fill of a brace of fine conies before descending into the ruins to catch up with the others.  Part of me wonders if Elarinya knew the creatures I hunted…  We continued to the party and I set my lizard mouth Slith into the surroundings as he seemed leery of going into the ruins.

Once we caught up to the others they had covered most of the upper level, fallen into a few traps, killed some scum but were otherwise in good health.  Continuing on into the final area I had attempted to examine some unusual stonework which Zariin believed to be a king's piss hole.  I didn't think so but couldn't prove her otherwise.

Descending into the lower levels and slaying more goblin filth there was a foul sound coming from the door to the next room.  Opening it released a Chimera upon us, and with an Entanglement from Elarinya we were able to slay the creature.  I unfortunately hit Ajax in the back of the head, but he seemed unscathed.  We further explored the room and what looked like a secret door which I could barely make out.  I wasn't.  Two strikes on the Dwarf today…my brother would never let me live it down if he knew.

More Goblins were dispatched by Zariin and Elarinya as Quobis made some impressive use of fire bombs…although he tends to be a bit reckless I do appreciate them in such close quarters sometimes.  Ajax and Fen spotted an unusual exit that looked over a ravine.  I thought I would try my luck summoning my companion Slith since the quarters were more open and he came to me.

We now make camp in the room with the dead Chimera.  I feel this is looking more like a trap than our final destination.


Rules of the Game
Some simple specs


Please write up a quick one-ish paragraph bio for your character that the other party members would have learned about you in the 3 years you've been adventuring together. The "Biography" section of your character entry under the "Characters" section would be an excellent place to write that up. I would also like a full backstory for me. Please limit this full story to 5 pages but feel free to write as little as you'd like. Keep in mind that any loose ends you give me I can use to make the story more personally interesting. I personally find that the more effort I put into a backstory, the more I understand and enjoy my character. It greatly aids in those first few sessions when you're still trying to figure out how to play them.

Hard Numbers:

Stats 4d6, reroll 1s, drop lowest roll
HP First 2 levels full, roll afterwards
Race No race restrictions but check w/ me for odd requests
Class Shoot for tier 2-4 but not a hard limit



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