The Centaur Cleric


The name is Ajax and I never back down from a good fight. When i reached adulthood i left my herd in the Northern Lands to be a warrior in a Colosseum in the Southern Lands. I was armed with nothing other than a small wooden shield no bigger than a pot lid. The first warrior I fought was an orc. The rage inside me came to a boiling point. I kicked the orc’s head clean off. Over the next year in the coliseum I took out all the anger I had slaughtering foes with nothing but a shield and my hooves. A day came when the men who ran the colosseum must have decided to get rid me, maybe i wasn’t bringing in enough people, or no one else was willing to lose their life to me. Either way, they wanted me out and they wanted to make money doing it. They advertised the fight as the time the centaur would fall that this new warrior “Bleez”. The fight was rigged, as I exited my quarters to enter the arena I was stabbed with a poisoned dagger which drained me of my strength. I was little more than a punching bag to Bleez, who moved around me with lighting precision. As I laid on the ground wait for the final blow that would seal my fate, he leaned down and whispered in my ear “You are not worth death” and walked away.
Unable to move from the poison I was thrown on the pile of rotting animal corpses. It was a full day until Sayd found me. She was a little old halfling women in monastic robes with a technicolor ox emblazoned on the front. I spent months with Sayd recovering from my wounds. As I regained my strength I helped out around her humble temple, tending crops, cleaning, and making repairs. Once my wounds had fully healed i continued to work in the temple helping Sayd. I eventually joined the order of the Ox along side Sayd. Sayd sent on my pilgrimage on which I ran into this group of adventurers seeking to destroy an evil being looking to enslave the living and the dead alike.



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