"Never underestimate the gullibility of adventurers"


Little more than a skeletal humanoid in robes. Xykon stands at a modest 5’5" and often wears a purple robe with iron armor like embellishments. Magical energies seem to leak from his body as if he were unable to contain the sheer mass of power residing within his withered body. Deep red embers burn from the eye sockets from a burnt and battered skull, Xykon has clearly seen many battles and has ‘lived’ to learn from them. Atop his scarred skull sits a small golden crown, slightly too small for his head, possibly a trophy from a previous opponent or a memento from his previous life.


Xykon is known across the Northern Lands for his cruelty and destruction but he is also known personally to One Shot Behind for his connection to the party. Xykon is known to be responsible for the death of Zariin’s mother’s master, the hiring of Fen Stirkeg’s brother Gekrits to kill the entire troupe and his handiwork is even suspected in the tragic past of Vogrim Hammerstorm. Perhaps there is yet more to learn about his involvements with the party but yet more nefarious works are surely at hand.
With the party’s last meeting they learned that Xykon was working on some sort of magical gate in the Red Mountains in the old castle ruins of Durokan. Xykon made it known that he did not want the magical portal to be touched by the adventurers but it certainly sounded like a ploy to get them to do just that, or was it a double bluff? Whatever his true intentions Zariin managed to destroy the castle before Xykon could enact his plan, whatever it may have been. His plan thwarted, Xykon fled the scene with his red cloaked companion and has not been seen since.


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