Drow outcast


Drow are not a well liked race. We serve Llolth, the evil spider goddess. To prove our devotion to her, dark elves steal, lie, raid, and kill whomever they please. Growing up, we are taught to fight with weaponry and magic in honor of Lolth. My world was lightless for the first 7 decades; drow cities are subterranean, and we only venture to the surface infrequently. We are taught the the surface is a harsh and fiery wasteland, inhabited by foul races who kill each other and us. We are taught it was that violence against our race that drove us underground; it is glory to be selected for a night raid, to venture out under the starry sky and slay whatever surface clans we can find. And I believed it.

My name is Zariin’Brida. I am the second daughter of the Matron Mother of Clan Kiskidaraan. The second son of my mother murdered the first son of my mother for power and station when I had only seen 3 decades. Women are more valuable. I was trained to be a Priestess of Lolth alongside my two sisters, bringing much stature to my Clan. To attain the rank of High Priestess, you must commune with Lolth over a sacrifice personally selected and retrieved from the surface.

That was my first raid, my first time to the surface. Walking out into the starry night that first time was like… homecoming. Never had I imagined the world was so vast and bright, after years of grey stone and infrared vision. The nearby clan of surface elves was dancing, singing,… smiling. I had always had a conscience, I suppose – deviousness and slyness had never come naturally to me. I preferred a forthright fight to a sneak attack, and was always faster to smile than to scowl at the antics of the trainees I was instructing. In decades past I had pestered my own training master with my questions of ‘why’ and my insistence of determining that an enemy had wronged us before retaliating with an attack. The surface elves’ easy smiles showed me what Lolth hadn’t; this was not an evil people. I was frozen as the raiding party slaughtered every last man, woman, and child in their camp. We are good at killing, and at night, drow are in their element. The surface clan never had a chance.

I was gone before my party knew to look for me, and have never looked back to my birth city, the city of evil deeds, evil words, evil thoughts. I have been wandering the surface ever since, doing what good I can. It is hard for the surface races to look upon my black skin and white hair and not fear me. Instead, I remain on the periphery of civilization, where I am tolerated, protecting the good races from monsters which constantly mean them harm. Ogres, goblins, trolls, orcs… all fall before my blades. And soon, so shall Xykon, this Lich Lord who is leaving such a path of destruction and death in his wake.


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