The Nature of the Universe

Rules of the Game

Some simple specs


Please write up a quick one-ish paragraph bio for your character that the other party members would have learned about you in the 3 years you've been adventuring together. The "Biography" section of your character entry under the "Characters" section would be an excellent place to write that up. I would also like a full backstory for me. Please limit this full story to 5 pages but feel free to write as little as you'd like. Keep in mind that any loose ends you give me I can use to make the story more personally interesting. I personally find that the more effort I put into a backstory, the more I understand and enjoy my character. It greatly aids in those first few sessions when you're still trying to figure out how to play them.

Hard Numbers:

Stats 4d6, reroll 1s, drop lowest roll
HP First 2 levels full, roll afterwards
Race No race restrictions but check w/ me for odd requests
Class Shoot for tier 2-4 but not a hard limit



Calposaur Calposaur

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